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Record Employee In-Out Status using Employee Plann

Record Employee In-Out Status using Employee Plann

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Businesses need to manage their employee information accurately for judging the productivities and profitability. Employee tracking software is capable to manage employee details in simple and secure manner. The application covers many complicated task of human resource and accounting department and generate correct information if needed. The database stored can be edit and update at any time by the company administration. Business management application is available in so affordable price that any sized business can afford its functionality. Employee planner application is integrated with simple interface design which allows all commercial and non-commercial users to handle its functionalities.

Employee Salary Software can easily records and monitors the employee spending hours in the company using and in-out board which track and manage entry and leaving time of personal. The software only allow an authentic and password protected user to access the company’s database so as to maintain a secure environment. The payroll generation will become easy using any factor for calculating the employee salary via this application.

Procedure for Managing Employee In-Out Status

Step-1: Firstly install software on your PC and run it for start managing employee details, select open company option and after selecting the company from the list, add verification information for entering into its database.

Step-2: Then go to “In-Out Board” menu of the software and click on Add Status option and add employee status by selecting employee ID.

Step-3: Now select employee Set Status option from the in-out board and set status manually using facility available in the software.

Step-4: For viewing in-out log, user got four options i.e. user can see log by Employee ID, Employee department, by in and out status, view log through data(start and end date).

Step-5: Suppose you choose to view log by department then click on related option and select department whose employee status you wanted to see and click OK after choosing start and end date.

Step-6: Now employee in-out record is successfully shown to user.

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